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Who we are

Voice & Views: A Feminist DPO Fighting for the Rights of Women with Disabilities in Bangladesh

Voice & Views is an organization that aims to create a positive and inclusive society for all people by raising our voice on various social and environmental issues. The acronym V&V represents both our name and our mission. Our founder and executive director, Jannatul Ferdous, is a burn accident survivor and a woman with disabilities in Bangladesh. She faced many challenges and discriminations in her life because of her physical appearance and gender. Her lifelong struggle inspired us to advocate for the human rights of women with disabilities, especially burn accident survivors, in our country. Voice & Views works to promote the dignity, inclusion and empowerment of women with disabilities in Bangladesh through awareness campaigns, capacity building programs, policy advocacy and networking with other stakeholders. We are a feminist organization as well as a Disabled Peoples’ Organization (DPO). We believe in the values of equality, diversity and solidarity. We envision a world where women with disabilities can enjoy their full potential and rights without any barriers or prejudices.

Message of Executive Director

I became a human rights activist by the grace of Almighty Allah. I was unaware of human rights when I had a severe fire accident during my undergraduate studies. I lost five years of my life to regain mobility. I joined the world of “Disability Movement of Bangladesh” when I started working as a Human Rights Promoter for ADD Bangladesh in December 2005. My almost four years of work at ADD was the best education I received on the rights-based approach to raise the rights of persons with disabilities.

As a woman who survived a 60% burn accident, I have witnessed the harsh realities of life for women with burn-related disabilities in the social context of Asian culture. My work experience since 2005 in the disability movement has helped me to realize that people with disabilities due to burns are often overlooked in the disability rights movement. To raise the voices of women with disabilities caused by burns in the disability movement, I founded the human rights organization Voice & Views in 2014. I am very happy now to advocate for the rights of women who survived burn accidents through the activities of Voice & Views.

Voice & Views is honored to be both a feminist organization and a Disabled Peoples’ Organization (DPO). Since the establishment of Voice & Views, I have received inspiration, encouragement and support from the other founding members of Voice & Views. The colleagues, friends, well-wishers and supporters are the essential sources of Voice & Views, both behind the scenes and on the front line. We are the Voice & Views Family, both locally and globally. I hope we will continue this journey together and forever.

Jannatul Ferdous
Executive Director
Voice & Views

Organizational Structure

♦ Voice & Views is a women led organization. The majority members of general and executive bodies of the organization are women.

♦ Voice & Views is a Disabled Peoples’ Organization (DPO) and the majority members of general and executive bodies of V&V are persons with disabilities.

Our Mission
To promote human rights of women with disabilities to make an inclusive society.
Our Vision
A society where the women with disabilities will enjoy equal rights and dignity with non-disabled and disabled men and women.

Executive Committee

At Voice & Views, we are proud to be steered by a dynamic and dedicated Executive Committee composed of seven seasoned professionals.

Nazrana Yeasmin Ahmed


Tamzida Jannati

Vice President

Jannatul Ferdous

General Secretary

Julie Rozario

Vice General Secretary

Rafiqul Islam


Fayequa Shams

Women and Children Secretary

Billal Hossain

Law Secretary


A society where women with disabilities will enjoy equal rights and dignity with non-disabled and disabled men and women.


Our mission is to promote the human rights of women with disabilities in Bangladesh and to make our society more inclusive and respectful of diversity.

Legal Authenticity

Voice & Views is a registered and reputable organization in Bangladesh that works to empower marginalized women with disability through advocacy and awareness. We obtained our formal registration from the Social Welfare Department of Bangladesh on 03 February 2015 and our approval from the NGO Affair’s Bureau of Bangladesh on 26 October 2016. These credentials demonstrate our legal authenticity and accountability as a trustworthy partner for social change.